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DOWNLOAD LINKs (Version 3.6)(Removes Gary Oak Lab Bug) (Includes Reverse Candies)

DOWNLOAD LINK (Version HJK-DE)[Contains Hoenn Compaign + Catchable Digimon]

DOWNLOAD LINKs (Version 2.0)

The game is actually started via the “Pokemon Tri-Master” shortcut file (NOT the .exe files).
It can take up to 5 minutes to start the game.
It’s also highly (extremely) recommended to play the game without other applications open on your computer.
Lastly, during start-up, the “Pokemon Tri-Master” shortcut may disappear for a minute or so. That is normal.
However, once the game actually starts, things should run smoothly !


  Have you ever wondered what it truly means to be a POKÉMON MASTER? If you’ve been a fan of the Pokémon franchise since the beginning, you’d know that the title of POKÉMON MASTER has NEVER been clearly defined. Well . . . . in this fan game, the title of POKÉMON MASTER has a CLEAR definition. So can you become a POKÉMON MASTER in this Pokémon game ? ? ?

   The player starts off in PALLET TOWN just like the very original Pokémon games. However, it has been several years since both RED and ASH KETCHUM became Pokémon MASTERS! You make your way to the Pallet Town Pokémon Laboratory to find . . . . Professor PINE! It seems Professor OAK is out of town and so his colleague, PINE, is the one to give you your Starter Pokémon. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have any of the traditional Starters, but has some decent choices. The player’s task is to conquer all three regions of KANTO, JOHTO, and HOENN to become a POKÉMON MASTER!!!



   The Player enters the Pokémon world from a different world without Pokémon. The Player is told they are “The One” but what that means is not explained! The Player is also instructed to gather a certain number of other special trainers in preparation for an event that will affect the fate of the entire Pokémon world! In order to succeed in this goal, the Player is given a special “Gift” that allows them to peer into the memories of others.

“One from KANTO. . . . One from JOHTO . . . . One from HOENN . . . . One from UNOVA . . . . One from KALOS
. . . . . . . . Two won’t make it . . . . . . . One will be led astray . . . . . . . . One follows a dark path . . . . . .The other . . . . . .”

During the player’s journey throughout the 3 regions, various criminal organizations (or “Teams”) will appear. It is up to the player to stop these teams with the help of various Pokémon characters from the Pokémon anime, game, and manga!

**The game has 3 parts, one Campaign for the regions of KANTO, JOHTO, and HOENN each. **

KANTO Campaign Tasks:

  • Catch Pokémon to build your Team of 6 (Pokémon from GEN I to GEN VI) (GEN VII Gift/Event Pokémon available)

  • Earn all 8 Kanto Badges

  • 2 RIVALs

  • Challenge the Kanto Pokémon League (ALL NEW Elite 4 Roster along with a “NEW” Champion)

  • Battle Team Rocket, Team Magma, Team Aqua, Team Plasma, and Team Galactic!

  • Meet various NPC characters from the Pokémon games, anime, and manga!

  • Finish the KANTO Region to earn the KANTO INSIGNIA and become a Pokémon CHAMPION

JOHTO Campaign Tasks:


  • NEW Fully Evolved Starters!!!

  • Earn all 8 JOHTO Badges while being visited by the KANTO Gym Leaders!

    • You DO NOT Earn SOME of the gym badges in the same traditional order


  • As a KANTO Champion, the Player must now deal with the rising threat of all the criminal organizations!


  • Challenge the JOHTO Pokémon League (1 NEW Elite 4 Member)

  • Finish the JOHTO Region to earn the JOHTO INSIGNIA and become a Pokémon VETERAN!

  • Criminal organizations . . . . . . JOINING FORCES?!?!?

  • A NEW VILLAGE located at the very center of JOHTO!

HOENN Campaign Tasks:


  • A GRAND EVENT that brings together Pokémon trainers, Champions, Veterans, and Masters from KANTO, JOHTO, HOENN and beyond! ! !

  • MOST Pokémon in Battles are set at LV 100 or above!

  • Gather more MEGA Stones!

  • Collect Z-Crystals to unlock Z-MOVES !

  • Most Gym badges are earned via events aside from battling.

  • Teleportation Network set up to move among Pokémon Centers of all 3 Regions !

  • Save the Pokémon WORLD and become a Pokémon MASTER!

  • Become the savior of the MULTIVERSE ! ! ! !


  • Poke Beans and Poke Puffs to lure certain Event wild Pokémon

  • NEW Food Stores

    • Food Items heal Pokémon and give them happiness

  • Vending Machines in all Poké Marts

  • ALL 18 Types of EEVEElutions

  • HM Items

  • Following Pokémon

  • Alolan Flower item to Evolve into Alolan Evolutions

  • MULTIPLE MEGA Evolutions per Battle (Starting in JOHTO)

  • Z-Moves (Starting in HOENN)

  • There’s more features, just can’t remember them now, but you’ll find out yourself =D






  • Some Gen VII Abilities may be missing

  • Some Battle Sprites may be off centered (probably very few)

  • FAKEMON cannot learn TMs (not yet at least)

  • Some FAKEMON Missing Overworld sprites

ERROR Reporting

For any errors/problems just message me. Please include as much detail about the error as possible including what the error is, where in the game it occurs, when it occurs, and/or how the error is triggered.

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